What audiences are saying!

Homer’s Odyssey

When you added character and spirit to the reading, it was easy to slip away into the story…NL

Because you are acting like each of the characters, it helped me think about them individually and in a new way…Harper

I thought the way you used comedy and detail to further the story…made it easier for me to relate to the story. LJ

I was a bit hesitant about starting the Odyssey, but after listening to your story I can’t wait to start reading it. Isabelle

Thank you so much for putting voices, excitement and life into the Odyssey. Lina

I like how you added in modern detail to make us laugh but still kept the seriousness of the Odyssey. When you were performing I felt as though I was in the Odyssey or as though there was a movie of the Odyssey playing in my head. LV

Now that I have heard the story, I think I will have much better understanding of the story. Hugh

It helped because now we know what kind of words to use when we are performing our own play. Now when we do our play, we can swim in the ocean of language. George




One Response to “What audiences are saying!”

  1. cg May 19, 2015 at 12:23 am #

    Before hearing you preform, I hadn’t gotten a full understanding of The Odyssey. But after listening to your storytelling of the Odyssey, I was able to empathise with the characters, and in my second time reading it, I understood much more. Relating back to modern day while keeping the setting in Ancient Greece made the Odyssey more than a long book I was supposed to read for school– it became an incredible story that’s still relatable today. You changed my view on not just the Odyssey, but the Iliad as well.

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